Fixed Station HF - Antenna Systems

Portable rapid deploy antennas

In addition to the portable antennas described here, we can supply other custom portable antenna systems to suit specific customer requirements.

For portable and temporary base station operation at up to 125W PEP, without an automatic tuner, Barrett 500/900/2000 series transceivers can be operated using the 915 tactical, rapid deployment, tuned dipole.

For low power portable/manpack and temporary base station operation up to 40W PEP, either a tactical broadband dipole antenna P/N BCA204026 or tactical tunable wire dipole antenna P/N BCA20402 can be used.

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BC90205 - 10 metre Air transportable five section lightweight aluminium mast with nylon guys for ground mounting

Suitable for rapid deployment of Barrett 912 125 W PEP broadband antennas or 915 series wire dipoles.

The mast consists of 5 x 2 m aluminium sections inserted on top of each other with a 1.5 m antenna support outrigger on the top section.

There are 2 sets of 3 rope guys. Erection of the mast is possible utilising two persons. Once all sections are assembled, as per the diagram below, and the pegs and base plate have been positioned, simply lift the mast into position and tie off the guy ropes.

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Guy support spacingminimum 5 metres / maximum 6 metres from mast base,
at 120-Degree intervals around 360-Degrees arc
Packed dimensions2000 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm
Packed weight27 kg

The Barrett 912 series of broadband base station antennas are designed for use in either an inverted "V" configuration, using a single mast, or a standard dipole configuration, between two masts.

In the inverted "V" configuration the 912 provides a more omni directional radiation pattern. All broadband antennas in the series are designed to provide optimum performance over a wide HF spectrum, without the need for antenna tuners.

Using high quality stainless steel and glass reinforced composites the 912 series of broadband antennas are lightweight and corrosion resistant, but are able to withstand wind speeds in excess of 200 km/h.

The antennas are supplied complete with an inverted "V" mounting harness, 30 metres of coaxial cable and high quality waterproof connectors.

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125/500 watt standard single wire broadband dipole

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125/500 watt multi wire broadband dipole

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1000 watt multi wire broadband dipole

Single wire dipole antennas, spot-tuned to the required operating frequency, are the most efficient antennas for use in HF base stations.

They are simple to install and have a relatively narrow bandwidth and require little maintenance.

When several frequencies are required at a base station, several dipoles can be stacked one above the other between two towers.

An antenna switch box BC91600 can be used to switch to the required dipole depending on the channel.

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915 Single frequency wire dipole

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915 Single frequency wire dipole in an inverted V configuration

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915 Several single frequency wire dipoles between 2 towers

The GMDSS approved 911 automatic antenna tuner is designed for operation in both marine mobile and land base station installations.

Housed in a fully weatherproof enclosure the 911 will tune long wire antennas, wire loop antennas or whip antennas over a frequency range of 2 to 30MHz. Tuning is rapid, typically less than two seconds the first time RF is applied, either whilst the operator is talking or when the "Tune" control is activated on the transceiver.

The 911 tuner features a memory facility that stores the configuration required to tune to a frequency. On any subsequent use of that frequency the 911 reconfigures to the stored settings in typically 25 milliseconds. Following initial tuning the antennas VSWR is monitored. If any significant variation occurs the 911 will re-tune the antenna automatically.

The 911 is supplied complete with fully terminated control cables having an overall length of 6 metres. This comprises of a 1.5 metre stub cable with a 4.5 metre extension cable for connection to the transceiver. The cable is a composite design incorporating coaxial, power supply and control cables. Additional extension cables are available as required.

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The Barrett 2017 automatic tuning horizontal dipole is designed for base station applications where space is at a premium and high performance is still required.

Mounting on a standard 50 mm pole the Barrett 2017 automatic tuning horizontal dipole can be mounted as close as 6 metres from the ground making it extremely easy to install.

With a packed length of only 2.1 metres the antenna can be easily transported by air.

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